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GE’s energy storage business helps customers provide flexibility across the grid by combining our expertise in plant controls, power electronics, and a variety of battery and enclosure technologies, all backed by GE performance guarantees. By focusing on full system performance rather than the component pieces, GE helps customers match power production with demand in real-time and will develop the right technology to fit each site’s specific needs. As a battery manufacturer and full storage system provider, GE has deep industry domain expertise: our Brilliance* inverters are installed on more than 25,000 wind turbines worldwide, and our Mark VIe-based controls technology is already used in approximately 30 percent of the world’s power generation equipment. GE has more than 100 years of experience powering the world, and we are excited to continue leading in the energy storage technology evolution.


Energy Storage 101

What are the benefits of energy storage systems and how do they work? Learn about safety features, controls, battery life, and how storage can integrate into energy systems to create a more sustainable and secure energy future.

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GE Energy Storage Solutions

GE is making energy storage systems economic and competitive through differentiated technology expertise. Designed to meet the growing demand for safe and reliable energy, GE's energy storage systems include innovative, advanced, and engineered equipment solutions for a variety of customers and markets.

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