Solar Energy

As the world contends with a growing demand for electricity, rising fuel costs, and climate change concerns, renewable energy resources such as solar power are playing a larger role in the search for energy solutions. GE is working hard to harness the power of the sun by using its expertise and industry leadership to develop and deliver solar solutions that offer both performance and reliability.


Solar 101

What does it take to transform the world’s oldest and most conventional energy resource into its newest and most efficient one? To start, knowing the facts about solar energy. Get a quick lesson on the different types of solar panels, how much energy solar can produce, and the many ways GE is working to bring out the sun’s full potential.


On-Site Solar Generation

GE’s solutions for on-site solar energy generation can help our customers save on electricity costs, make annual energy spending more predictable, and fulfill sustainability goals. The GE engineering process for a site combines energy usage and cost analysis with predictive modeling to evaluate multiple design and ownership options, including:

• Roof-top mounted solar
• Fixed-tilt and tracking systems, ground-mount systems
• Solar carport structures
• Purchase options including power-purchase agreements (PPAs), leases, etc.


Enhancing the Value of Solar

GE provides complete solar solutions that take each customer’s circumstances and goals into account. Whether for commercial, industrial, utility, or hybrid applications, GE draws on its breadth and depth of offerings and expertise to help match customers to the right combination of technologies. These solutions include:

• Solar systems from 300 kW to multi MW
• On-site energy storage
• Electric vehicle charging stations
• Advanced inverters
• Enhanced grid integration via the SunIQ plant controller


The GE Advantage

GE provides innovative offerings while adhering to our strict commitment to quality. We perform rigorous lab and field tests of components used in our solar solutions and evaluate new technologies as they become available. We also provide a comprehensive warranty for these components.