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Operations & Maintenance Offerings

GE provides customizable Operations and Maintenance service offerings to suit customers, sites, and fleets of all sizes. GE can help you drive down cost through strategic scheduling of planned maintenance, and reliable and quick resolution of unplanned incidents. GE offers three customizable Operations and Maintenance packages.

Maintenance and Remote Operations (MRO)

For GE’s smaller customer sites, this package uses GE’s technical expertise to provide a defined scope of planned maintenance and remote operations. Our planned maintenance covers routine labor for both inspections and replacement of consumable parts, in accordance with the recommended schedule in the current O&M manual. GE’s remote operation services include 24/7 remote monitoring (with remote reset capability), which provides permanent technical support to operational events and improves the project’s availability and reliability.

Operation Support Agreement (OSA)

This package expands upon the MRO and provides on-site staffing to support the day-to-day operations of your site. This includes, but is not limited to, coverage for manual resets, initial troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance (including consumables), performance analysis reports, and a production-based availability guarantee. Under this comprehensive solution, GE ensures the highest standards of operation for the project.

Full Service Agreement (FSA)

The FSA is GE’s most complete O&M offering available. It builds upon all of the benefits of the OSA and adds coverage for unplanned repair. GE will take responsibility for the troubleshooting, repair, and parts and materials for any events covered under the GE scope of the FSA. This helps to minimize customer risk and helps to maximize site performance. The alignment between GE’s goals and our customer’s goals lends to the collaborative and effective management of your site as a whole.

Additional Service Offerings

Parts & Transactional Sales

With our global parts warehouse strategically located near the United States [FedEx] global hub in Memphis, Tennessee, GE is able to ship to most wind customer locations in North America in less than 24 hours. GE offers reliable products and programs such as the core return program, and capital spares and exchange programs.

For more information, or to order parts 24 hours a day, visit GE’s REstore, GE’s online parts store, accessible via the REConnect Portal.

GE Advanced Services and Transactional Repair

Major Component Exchange/Crane Services:

  • Traditional gearbox exchange
  • Fixed rotor gearbox exchange (without removing the rotor, main shaft is reused) – S, SLE, XLE
  • Main shaft replacement
  • Generator replacement
  • Single blade/full blade set exchange


  • End-of-warranty
  • Gearbox borescope
  • Blade
  • Generator frame
  • Up-tower gearbox borescope inspections and repair


  • Customized reliability upgrades
  • Converter upgrades
  • Oil bypass filtration
  • Auto lubrication
  • SCADA upgrades, maintenance, and subscriptions

In addition to constantly improving our turbine models and providing retrofits to the existing fleet, GE continues to drive innovation in the services and repair sector.

In 2014, GE opened its Global Wind Turbine Repair Innovation Lab in Albany, NY, USA where GE engineers are working to develop the most advanced uptower gearbox repairs. With more than eight different gearbox models, and custom rigging, we are continually driving cost down with high tech repair technologies.

Read more about the Innovation Lab:  GE Announces Global Wind Turbine Repair Innovation Lab in Albany NY

Coverage from North American Windpower: GE Opens Wind Turbine Drivetrain Repair Lab In New York


GE’s Technicians & Training

With more than 900 experienced GE wind service technicians globally, GE’s technicians are some of the most experience in the industry. GE provides rigorous certification processes with 1,200 hours of practical and classroom experience in its fleet.

GE’s Wind Energy Learning Centers are located globally in Niskayuna, NY, USA and Salzbergen, Germany. At the Learning Centers, technicians are trained—with an acute focus on safety—to inspect and repair actual GE wind turbine components.

GE wind technicians can earn up to 50 college credits toward completing their Wind Technician Certification Program by partnering online with Excelsior College. To earn the GE Lead Certification standard, technicians must complete over 500 hours of online, classroom, and hands-on training on wind turbine components.

Read more about GE’s alliance with Excelsior

Times Union article: GE trains wind technicians of the future

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